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Red Eye Radio - Weekdays 11PM to 6AM, Sat/Sun 11PM to 5AM

Eric Harley's radio career spans more than two decades. In 2001, after several years serving as producer for The Midnight Radio Network, Eric
moved to the host chair. He was joined in 2005 by Gary McNamara and in 2012, the broadcast duo took the reins of Red Eye Radio, creating an overnight program reaching more than 150 stations.  Eric's volunteer work with the American Heart Association, the March of Dimes and the Muscular Dystrophy Association has helped teach him that all things are possible when you are surrounded with great people. He brings this positive outlook to his devoted radio audience each night regardless of the topic being covered.  

Prior to entering the broadcasting world, Gary McNamara compiled a resume as colorful as his personality. From janitor to bill collector to assembly line machinist and stand-up comic, Gary’s "regular guy" persona make him one of the country’s most relatable hosts. Like the vast majority of his listeners, Gary believes that America doesn't owe him a thing but he owes this country everything. His opinions on freedom, capitalism and the willingness of Americans to sacrifice for both are constant themes in his broadcasts.  When he’s not on the air, Gary enjoys being on the golf course or playing a game of pickup basketball with his neighbors.  

First Light - Michael Toscano - Weekday Mornings 6-7AM

KKLS News Corp 920 and 104-7 starts your day every day with a fun and informative news roundtable.  Host Michael Toscano visits with the Westwood One reporting staff for the day's weather, sports highlights, Wall Street, entertainment, and the tone of the public pulse when the phone lines open up on the hottest topic of the day.   Start YOUR day with First Light, each morning 6 to 7AM on KKLS News Corp 920 and 104-7!!  

The Chris Plante Show - Weekdays 7AM to 10AM

Chris Plante began his radio career in 2005 at WMAL Washington DC, after 17 years spent at the Washington Bureau at CNN News.   He traveled the globe and rose to the position of main Pentagon correspondent, from Vietnam to Albania, and Severodvinsk to Jakarta, even head of television pool operations in Saudi Arabia following the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.   Chris has won the Edward R Murrow Award from the RTNDA for his reporting on the Pentagon attacks of September 11th 2001.  He has also won the Reed Irvine Award from the group "Accuracy in Media," for his blunt coverage of media bias and corruption.   He is a practical, principled, independent-minded Constitutional conservative with a Libertarian streak, as well as an unabashed patriot.   

The O-Reilly Update - Weekdays 10AM to 11AM
The O-Reilly Update cuts through the anonymous sources and phony stories dominating today’s news cycle and brings O’Reilly’s trademark “no spin” analysis to listeners across the U.S. in a high-impact format made for appointment listening.
The Dave Ramsey Show - Weekdays 11AM to 1PM, Saturday 5-8AM.

Today The Dave Ramsey Show airs on more than 586+ affiliates throughout the country as the third largest nationally syndicated talk show. His life-changing message is heard by 9 million listeners each week on terrestrial radio.  Dave has received great recognition for his work in radio. In 2009 Dave was Marconi’s Syndicated Personality of the Year. In 2013 he was inducted into the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame and in 2015, was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.  As an author, he has 8 national best sellers including three #1 national best sellers.

Ben Shapiro - Weekdays 1PM-4PM, Sundays 2-5PM

The Ben Shapiro Show connects listeners with the news they need to know in the fastest-moving daily program in America. A voice for conservative millennials, Shapiro covers America’s most powerful political personalities, brutally breaks down the culture, and never gives an inch! With a loyal podcast following of 15 million downloads each month, Shapiro’s influence is skyrocketing. He will persuade, mobilize, and motivate.   Catch Ben Shapiro weekday afternoons from 1 to 4PM, and the Best of Ben Shapiro Sunday afternoons from 2 to 5PM here on KKLS News Corp 920 & 104-7!  

The Mark Levin Show - Weeknights 4-7PM, Sunday 5-8PM.

Mark Levin is host of the fastest growing talk show in the current radio landscape. With nearly 150 stations — including 20 of the Top 25 — The Mark Levin Show has become one of the most popular, entertaining, and unique programs in Talk radio.

Mark’s book Men in Black is a scathing review of the Supreme Court. It was released February 7, 2005 and quickly climbed to Number 3 in the nation on the New York Times Best-Seller list. His critique of judicial activism was so compelling it was used by politicians and talk-radio listeners alike to influence the outcome of the John Roberts and Sam Alito nominations to the Court.

He currently practices law in the private sector, heading up the prestigious Landmark Legal Foundation in Washington DC.

The Joe Pags Show - Weeknights 7-10PM, Sundays 7-10AM

Joe Pagliarulo, or “Pags” as he’s affectionately known, started his broadcasting career in 1989 in Palm Beach County, Florida. He later spent several years as a TV news anchor in Michigan and New York, where he was honored with multiple Association of Broadcasting and AP awards for excellence in journalism as a news anchor, reporter, producer, and talk show host.  Pags also makes frequent guest appearances on Fox News, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and HLN.  For his work, Talkers magazine has included Pags in their annual “Heavy Hundred” list of the most important and influential talk show hosts in America for the better part of a decade.  Pags resides with his wife and four daughters in Texas. When he’s not on-air or spending time with his family, the cancer survivor, professional saxophone player, car and technology enthusiast admittedly spends way too much time on social media.  

You can also listen for Joe Pags every Sunday morning, hosting "The Weekend" from Premiere Radio, every Sunday from 7 to 10AM!  

The BIG BIZ Radio Show - Weeknights 10PM - 11PM

Meet Bob "Sully" Sullivan, long-time radio host, and one heckuva stock picker - - who happens to be in the business of personal finance and investing, with an unmatched ability to deliver bar room - style conversation with business flair!   Ably aided by the wit and comedy stylings of standup empresario Russ "T" Nails, Sully isn't only thinking outside of the box - he didn't even know there WAS a box!!  Get ready for the most engaging virtual bar room on the radio dial!! 

The Bobby Likis Car Care Clinic - Saturday 8 to 10AM.

Bobby Likis is a car expert & the only car-talk host on commercial radio named to the "Talkers 250," the list of the top 250 talk-show hosts in America, 5 times. Bobby's answered over 100K car questions live on air! car talk expert auto
"Bobby Likis Car Clinic" is the Consumer Connection (answers to car questions) to the Automotive Lifestyle on radio!   

Leo Laporte The Tech Guy - Saturday 1PM to 4PM

In addition to making regular appearances on television and radio programs as a technology expert, Laporte currently hosts and produces the most popular tech podcasts in the world, including this WEEK in TECH, Security Now!, Windows Weekly, MacBreak Weekly, and This Week in Google on his TWiT Netcast Network - 

Laporte has written software for CP/M, Macintosh, and PC compatible computers, and co-authored 101 Computer Answers You Need to Know.  He wrote four best-selling technology almanacs, including Leo Laporte’s 2003 Technology Almanac, which was named Pearson Publishing’s “Book of the Year” in 2003. Laporte served as managing editor at Ziff-Davis Television, where he wrote and co-hosted The Personal Computing Show airing on CNBC, and hosted two shows on TechTV, a 24-hour cable channel dedicated to computers and the Internet.

Bill Handel, Handel On The Law - Saturday 4PM to 7PM

Bill Handel is host of the nationally syndicated program Handel on the Law, as well as the top-rated Los Angeles morning show on KFI AM 640, The Bill Handel Show.  As host of Handel on the Law, Handel dishes out legal advice and rapid-fire commentary every Saturday from 4 to 7PM on KKLS.   He provides informative legal advice from avoiding “rip-offs” by a carpet cleaning company, to preventing an ex-spouse from taking everything.  Handel’s 20-plus years of experience educating listeners and answering their legal questions with his tell-it-like-it-is attitude has made Handel on the Law a one-of-a-kind program that is entertaining and valuable.  Be there each week as he tells most of the nation that he can't represent them in court, and that they probably have no case.   Listeners can also log onto 

Best of Big Biz Radio - Saturday 7PM to 11PM

Here's an encore presentation of the kind of business news you've come to know and love from the Big Biz Radio Show with Sully and Russ T. Nails.   Listen for some of the best business interviews and heaping helpings of the week's best jokes on "BEST OF BIG BIZ RADIO", every Saturday night from 7 to 11PM here on KKLS News Talk 920 & 104.7!! 

At Home With Gary Sullivan - Sunday 11AM to 2PM

Gary Sullivan has dedicated his entire adult life to the home-improvement industry and has nearly 40 years of experience selling, using and talking about home improvement products. At the age of 16, Sullivan began his career working in a hardware store as a stock boy.  After attending the University of Cincinnati, he went to work for Cincinnati’s best-known hardware store chain, Hader Hardware.  Sullivan's 25-year career in broadcasting began in 1986 at WCKY while hosting a one-hour, home-improvement radio show. Due to popular demand, it quickly grew to a three-hour program.    At Home With Gary Sullivan originates from Cincinnati, Ohio, and is heard on nearly 100 stations.  

Consider This with Big Joe Clark - Sunday 6-7AM

For more than 20 years, Consider This with Big Joe Clark has aired as an educational program featuring the five critical elements that anyone interested in their finances should find of value. Each week he discusses the fine points of retirement planning, tax planning, the investment playbook, life experiences and legacy planning. Over the last 29 years as a financial planner, CFP, Adjunct Assistant Professor at Purdue University and managing partner of an RIA with more than $300 million is assets under management, Joe is uniquely qualified to discuss, teach and point out things you should most likely consider. You can find more at

Bill Cunningham - Live on Sunday Night It's Bill Cunningham, Sunday 8PM to 11PM.

Bill Cunningham is a nationally recognized broadcaster, veteran attorney, and business entrepreneur. Since 2006, Cunningham has served as the uncommon voice of the common man as host of Live On Sunday Nights It’s Bill Cunningham, a weekly national radio program.  Cunningham’s legal experience includes representing defendants in civil and criminal cases. Earlier in his career, the Cincinnati native served as an Assistant Attorney General in the state of Ohio, and was named “Ohio’s Outstanding Young Lawyer” by the Ohio State Bar Association in 1983. That same year, he began his career in radio at 700 WLW in Cincinnati as host of The Big Show with Bill Cunningham.
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