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Smash Hits KKLS :: Raina Lee

Raina brings you the Smash Hits Mornings! Raina Lee is super excited to be on the air with Smash Hits KKLS! “Its great music that makes me want to dance, which I do numerous times during the morning show; always grateful its radio and you can’t actually see me bustin’ out my moves!" Working on a morning show has presented new challenges for her, and not just waking up between 3:30 and 4 AM she says “it’s a whole new game that offers the opportunity to share interesting stories and stay on top of what’s going on locally and around the country and the world. It’s a mix of entertainment and responsibility." Raina’s family says she was pretty much born talking, and her early report cards confirmed that as she got older, she talked A LOT. “Too much, underlined in red several times, year after year" she says, “I guess I just couldn’t knock it off…lucky for me, that’s an asset in radio!" She absolutely adores costumes, masks and dressing up for just about any reason “No reason is a good enough reason for me" she says, “I’ll invent a reason to play dress up disguise!" She has been involved with media on many levels through the years, performing on stages in community theater settings as a child, and more recently working with the Black Hills community with the “Vagina Monologues." She has worked in radio in Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming and South Dakota as on air talent and in administrative capacities. She worked in television news in Wyoming as a reporter and anchor and became convinced that she has a “face for radio." She was a voice over artist in Los Angeles, as one of her many duties with KCAL Television. While in LA she learned to produce news stories and public service announcements, a skill that has been put to use many times for many non-profit groups in Rapid City and beyond. She has written many a news story and press release, and has coordinated media coverage for a great many events. Raina took a hiatus from radio and returned to school to pursue alternative and complementary medicine, which she remains still very involved in. After realizing that “never" is a very long time, she is thrilled to be in the creative environment that radio’s “theater of the mind" provides. “I love interacting with our listeners, and being on AM, FM and the internet is the bomb! I get calls from around the country and the Black Hills community…its’ so cool! KKLS has always been such a major presence in the market; it’s an honor to be a part of such a great legacy."
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